Windows Handwriting Assist: Harmless Aid or Massive Vulnerability

Those with a touchscreen or stylus capable Windows PC are most likely in love with the smart feature that allows a handwritten scribble to become formatted text. Introduced in Windows 8, the handwriting recognition tool was implemented with the goal of easing a user’s experience.  The handwritten recognition tool has the capability of storing all […]

Apple Users Are Left Exposed To a New Phishing Attack

  This new phishing attack has gained a level of sophistication that will trick even a trained user. An unpatched URL vulnerability allows a hacker to imitate a website address and then acquire information through a fake login portal. The URL vulnerability was discovered by Rafay Baloch, a security researcher based in Pakistan. Microsoft Edge […]

Experience Chicago: Customer Referral Program

As a thank you for a decade of innovation and success, we’re introducing a referral program that offers you an opportunity to truly Experience Chicago! As the summer winds to a close, we ask you to help us continue to grow! If you’re happy with the IT services your company utilizes, refer a friend or […]

Meet The Newest Member of CrossRealms’ Engineering Team!

Meet Jasen Jackson, the newest addition to CrossRealms’ engineering team! Jasen has a BS in Information and Computer Science: Networking and Security, and over 9 years’ experience working in IT. “I know that exceptional IT service goes hand in hand with a commitment to excellent customer service and I’m dedicated to both,” Jasen said. “I’m […]

New Service Offering: SharePoint Development

Do you want to make the most of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform for your company, but you’re not sure where to start? There are many advantages to using SharePoint! It’s already built into Office 365, it’s flexible and it has a wide variety of features. When designed correctly, it can enhance your users’ efficiency and productivity […]

Application Security Now Part of CrossRealms Security Suite

In order to reduce the security threat profile of our customers, CrossRealms is very pleased to announce the addition of Application Security to our portfolio of Security Services offerings. We are excited to announce our partnership with PTP, a web application vulnerability testing firm, to deliver this new service. It is our goal to reduce […]

Is Airport Wi-Fi Secure?

The one thing that makes an airport layover bearable may be more risky than many realize. Airport Wi-Fi, though sometimes faster than cellular networks, is often unencrypted and rather unsecure, according to a study by Coronet. They created a list of the 10 U.S. airports where you’re most likely to have information stolen via the […]

The 7 Reasons VDI is the Next Must-Have for Compliance

My intention with this blog is to create a conversation about the topic of VDI’s (virtual desktop infrastructure) impact on compliance, whether positive or negative. Therefore, please comment with questions and opinions! I’ve built and used many VDI environments, but VDI’s impact on compliance didn’t occur to me until recently. I was hired by a […]

When IT Panic Puts You Over the Edge

A few months ago I woke up at 5:37 a.m. to the sound of a text message from a client that read: “We’re down. I’m screwed. Peace out.” I’m sure many of us who’ve been through this scenario remember that gut wrenching feeling: I really can’t go through this again. Then after a few minutes […]

VPNFilter Router Malware Still Dangerous

The VPNFilter attack is worse than officials thought – 71 devices are believed to be vulnerable now, up from 16 a few weeks ago Restarting your router won’t kill the VPNFilter – a firmware update is required to do so More details below: In late May, the FBI informed the public that hundreds of thousands […]