Cohesity from the Trenches, Year Three and Counting

Cohesity from the trenches

Two years ago, I met up with Mohit for dinner to hear about his company, Cohesity, and what they’re doing in the backup space. I didn’t know anything about “Copy Data Management,” so he had to spend the first hour explaining a variety of terms to me. Although technically I understood how this would transform my backups, I didn’t anticipate the change it would create for CrossRealms and our customers. The one thing I left dinner knowing was that this was going to disrupt how backups/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are done and I wanted to be part of it. And so, CrossRealms purchased our first 4 node Cohesity cluster and had it delivered and installed less than 14 days later.

Fast forward two years, and we have all of our data center backups consolidated on Cohesity. Our Recovery Points and Recovery Times have decreased substantially. Currently, we are able to launch any instance or a complete environment within minutes of an outage without having to configure multiple systems and/or have extensive runbooks/checklists. 

The results above were so impressive to us that we decided to take Cohesity to the next level and are currently in the final stages of signing a “Managed Service Provider” agreement with them. This will allow us to license the software to our clients and make this technology accessible even to small and medium sized businesses, who will not have to purchase the physical box in order to get the benefits. With our two data center spaces and cloud storage instances, we can provide extremely fast backups, short recovery time and recovery point objectives in addition to long-term retention at a fraction of the cost of existing backup and Business Continuity providers.

What was initially a purchase for a backup has developed into our go-to tool for architecting Business Continuity solutions and a lightning fast recovery time, which is especially significant in this day and age of Crypto locker attacks and other variations of ransomware. Our next use-case is to take advantage of the built-in test/dev environment, which will allow us to test any operating system or application change extensively, and for any length of time. We are also looking at the data analytics part of it to start extracting any valuable data directly from the backup so as not to utilize the live environment resources.

In our quest to establish a strong presence in the disaster recovery and business continuity space, we needed to architect a holistic solution that ensures operational excellence and stability, including: technology, consulting, documentation, compliance, retention, certification, local and remote recovery. In our usual manner, we packaged all of this in a monthly contract. In previous blogs, we took you through our process and experience of installing Cohesity for CrossRealms. We are thrilled to be rolling out this comprehensive service – so stay tuned as future blogs follow our implementation of Cohesity for our clients.


Written by:

Usama Houlila

President and Enterprise Architect

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