Error 403 Forbidden – 3CX version 15 – Trunk error on inbound

3CX bug image

We’ve been running 3CX code 15 for a while now and recently ran into an interesting bug/issue with the code especially if you’re upgrading from a previous version. Basically in the previous codes, you are able to configure multiple inbound rules for any one DID because that’s part of the route failure protection. For instance if I have an ISDN line with DID 111-111-1111 and an IP SIP line from the same provider, I’m able to configure both inbound rules which creates full recovery inbound using two different transport protocols and or trunks. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore and interestingly enough only affects 800 numbers, not regular numbers. If you have two rules for an inbound DID with 800 number syntax, the 3CX system will issue a 403 forbidden and if you look at the log, you will see that two inbound rules are not allowed for this DID. Once you remove the one you don’t need, calls will route correctly.

Click here to view the fixes with SP5 (definitely many) but this code is a huge advancement from version 14 especially as it relates to security and scalability.

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