Pioneer-ing Toward Potential Partnerships

Computer coding is not just an arena for the experienced technology expert anymore.  There are many exciting resources in Chicago to help youth and adults learn these valuable skills for future success.  Learning should be dynamic and engaging, and several organizations in Chicago have been successful at bringing the fun back to learning.  Pioneer will be joining these innovative educators with our STEM focused curriculum to get youth interested in pursuing technology advancement.  The Pioneer Project team will be venturing out in the community to take a look at forging potential partnerships with like-minded organizations to promote educational advancement across Chicago.

If you have visited the Harold Washington Public Library recently, you might have heard enthusiastic cheering and seen teens involved with video production, recording songs and media in the studio, exploring new forms of media with their friends, and hosting events as you wandered down the hallway.  This program, known as YouMedia, is an innovative way to give teens in the community a chance to socialize, experiment with different forms of digital media, and to learn valuable skills for future success.

The library is not the only place to encourage fun learning in the STEM fields in Chicago.  The Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) initiative is another resource for youth to experiment with different after school opportunities to enhance learning.  With the goal of collecting badges at free events across the city to show off different areas of learning, CCOL encourages students to DO (try something new, read a book, learn a new dance) , MAKE ( make a robot, write a song, choreograph a dance), and DISCOVER ( a new park, a new skill, a museum, walk in a new neighborhood) new educational opportunities in the community.  Visiting an urban garden, making your own Android app, or learning something new at a museum are all opportunities that CCOL provides to the community.

If Pioneer could help organizations such as YouMedia and Chicago City of Learning to achieve the goal of leveling the playing field for all  youth in Chicago by encouraging after school learning, especially in the area of gaining technology skills by utilizing the Raspberry Pi, our city will be an overall more connected network.  Stay tuned for any future partnerships for Pioneer with wonderful organizations such as these!