To Simplicity and Beyond – Cohesity from the trenches – Part 7

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2017 is shaping up to be a defining year for Cohesity. So far, they have succeeded in presenting a complete solution for all Copy Data Management, whether it be for backups (local and remote), disaster recovery, archiving, cloud, and Business Continuity. A client recently asked me to make a power point about Cohesity and when I finished, I realized that we are finally here – We now have the Easy Button –

So, what new features make this possible?

  • Remote Backups: Originally, a Cohesity unit had to be installed in every location, which was too costly for our smaller locations. Now, a virtual instance can be installed at any remote location backing up to the main unit and achieving the same benefits.

  • Data Protection: Cohesity can now backup both physical and virtual machines – local or remote. By presenting itself as a storage device for the hosts, data can be recovered on a file level, or on a virtual machine.
  • Cloud Integration: with all the new low-cost storage solutions in the cloud, Cohesity will natively archive and/or replicate with full search capabilities, while maintaining encryption and control.
  • File Services: Cohesity can provide both NFS and SMB services to the enterprise with Full Active Directory Integration and Global Deduplication. This allows for very serious reduction in duplicated data while maintaining full redundancy (any and all data on Cohesity is always protected by multiple nodes and drives)
  • Test/Dev: Test/Dev now takes care of migration and BC by hosting all backups directly without involving the original data, so you can run tests at your leisure and simply switch to the live storage when you’re ready to commit.

With the opening of our new Las Vegas location, I am now in the process of migrating 200+ virtual and physical machines out there from our current data center in Chicago. We will be using the Cohesity unit in Chicago to complete that work. Originally, I was extremely worried about moving the Storage Area Network because of the risks that come with shipping. However, now that Cohesity is backing up all the physical and virtual units, I am able to migrate the data center backups, validate, and run a live test before migrating the SAN. Nothing could be simpler!!

Another interesting note on simplicity; we have one environment with an excess of 450 million files and extremely large file stores (40+ TB). We’ve had many issues backing up this environment because of the size and recovery time. But, once we added a second Cohesity unit to complete the backups, we finally received an all green report on the environment with daily incremental backups taking less than 40 minutes per VM – down from 18 hours. Both Cohesity units immediately shared the storage and the workload, functioning like one simple unit.

If you have any questions and/or want to see Cohesity in a live environment, feel free to reach out to me at