Tech Update: 10 Features You’ll Love About the Windows Ten Update

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The October Windows Ten Update was released earlier this week, with changes that are sure to suit every user. The update will be available via the Windows website, or will begin to sneak onto Windows users screen as a reminder within the next week.

Kicking off this update are these ten new features:

Fewer Restarts

One of the most grating features of previous updates were sudden restarts. Dona Sakar, a Windows Insider, has noted these disruptions, “We heard you… We trained a predictive model that can accurately predict when the right time to restart the device is.” This means that getting up to get a cup of coffee won’t mean coming back to a computer in reboot mode.

Battery Usage

What’s draining your battery? Task Manager has a new feature that will allow you to view how much battery each app and program is using, best for identifying that excessive power gobbler.

Bluetooth Battery

Love your new wireless headphones? With the new update Windows users will able to see how much battery each of their bluetooth batteries has left.

Text Slider

Among the updates is one that will benefit those who need larger text. Instead of zooming in on a page and distorting the website layout, this text slider will allow the text itself to appear larger.

Snip and Sketch

Bundling multiple applications into one, the “winkey + shift + s” option will allow for a quick screenshot with the possibility of sketching on the saved image. Sharing and printing the saved clipboard image has gotten easier.

Phone Sync  

Texting doesn’t have to stop at your phone. Syncing your phone has never gotten easier, the Windows update allows for you phone to link to your computer.The new “Your Phone” feature allows for messages and photos to be linked to your Windows 10 device. This means there is no need to transfer large files via Dropbox or email. 

As for compatibility, this works best with Androids and is quickly expanding for better functionality with Apple products.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has expanded to other Windows 10 applications: File Explorer. This fan-favorite dark screen theme has expanded to your search for files.   

Cloud Clipboard

Those that have multiple Windows 10 devices will find this feature of the update most useful. With the Cloud Clipboard feature, you can easily have the same files available across all devices. The transition of moving from a work computer to home computer has been simplified with the new update. 

Search Preview

Looking for a file just got easier. With this new search preview feature, a user can search within the start menu and will be able view previews of the files. Allowing for an effortless search.

HDR Support

With the gamer in mind, this Windows 10 update will allow for more contrast and vivid colors than ever. While HDR support has been difficult in the past, this update is looking to fix that.

The new update will also allow for ray-tracing, a Nvidia feature that will allow for better gameplay.  

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